Why a photo booth

A photo booth is not just a fun accessory to any event but also serves as a social gathering place.  For a wedding, it can get your guests out of their chairs to take part in something fun for them and you. It becomes a gathering place where people can meet and loosen up before hitting that dance floor, or even create new connections. For parties, it can serve the same purpose while saving good memories and allows guests to instantly share the fun on-line.  That’s why when we designed our photo booth, we built it to be inviting. It’s designed to attract people and pique their curiosity.  Its round, it has lights, it has music, its flashy, it has fun written all over it. In the end, you not only get customized printed photos, scrapbook, and online gallery, but you’ve added a whole new level of entertainment to your event. We want to give our customers something different and fun. You and your guests are our customers and we want to be sure we deliver on that promise.

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