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Driven by passion for great photography (and partying)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a unique party experience by capturing those moments with beautiful photography. We are the designers, innovators and crafters, therefore our primary focus is delivering quality and innovation. We strive to innovate to deliver a premium photo booth which is beyond anything that can be possibly received any where else and to be able to provide this to Arizonans at a great value. The booth was started when we wanted photo booths for our weddings but we couldn't find anything that met our requirements. So instead, we built one from scratch that really personalized to our themes. Turns out, it was such a big hit among our guests that we decided to take it a step further and improved the booth to the perfection as we dreamt of. We can provide numerous amounts of features with our ingenuity but also listen to our customers to improve our services based on their needs.


Dan is a maker by nature. He spends his free time challenging himself to think of and build better ways of doing things. After deciding to get a photo booth for his own wedding, he set out shopping for something that would guarantee a fun and unique experience. While shopping, Dan noticed most photo booths were self-made, each one offering the same experience, so his natural instinct was to make his own. With Dan and Vu's combined skills of photography, computer programming and craftsmanship, they were able to create a photo booth that sets itself apart from the rest and offers a truly unique experience.


Vu is a landscape photography enthusiast and also automation lover, dabbling in his free time to automate anything around the home. Vu travelled out to Indonesia to celebrate his engagement party and future sister in law's wedding. Vu came up with the idea to put together his love of photography and automation together to build a travelling photo booth set. The booth was a success, and the next step was to use at his own wedding party. He tapped his best friend Dan to help him build the booth. With their minds together, they were simply building the ultimate party booth, and the rest is history.