Inside the photo booth Inside the photo booth Inside the photo booth

Incredibly Designed, Incredibly Fun, Incredibly Awesome.

Unique Booth

Beautiful booth


Photo Booth Del Sol looks like a decorative centerpiece, with its round design and drapes that are beautifully lit to any color to coordinate with your event theme. Colors can constantly rotate through multiple colors.

Spacious booth accommodates a group to take photos


Don't cram yourself inside a box like canned tuna. Photo Booth Del Sol can fit a group comfortably.

It is a party inside


Inside the booth, we have fun sound effects, custom music soundtrack, and synchronized lights, so everyone will feel immersed in the party atmosphere to provoke naturally fun pictures.

Fun For Everyone

Quality Props

Photo Booth Del Sol has loads of quality props, including head gear, masks, glasses, call-outs, and a variety of hand held items.

Live View for more interaction


Guests will have fun selecting props, interacting with the photo booth, watching themselves pose on a large Live View monitor, and selecting photo effects.

Social Kiosk keeps guests involved


The fun does not stop after leaving the booth, as guests will be able to use the social kiosks. Our social kiosks include tablets provided by us, where guests can browse and share their photos with anyone.

Amazing Photos

High Quality Camera equipment

Mobile Studio

Photo Booth Del Sol uses high quality camera equipment, lenses, and lighting to gather the best portraits. We make everyone look their best!


As guests take photos, they can select from multiple 'shades', photo effects, and image filters, giving every photo a unique look, whether it is vintage, sepia, black and white, or more.

The original green screen image with no applied backgrounds The green screen image replaced with a formal brown background The green screen image replaced with a fun colorful background The green screen image replaced with an under the sea background The original green screen image with a fire background The original green screen image with a cute mushroom background

Custom Backdrop

Want your guests to stand in front of the Grand Canyon? Or take photos under water? Or you just want a professional backdrop? We can do it all with our green screen option.

Memories & Keepsake

Prints & Scrapbook

Photo prints are available immediately after each picture is taken. Guests can take one home with them as an event souvenir, and a duplicate print can be used to craft a scrapbook or guest signing book, which will be available for you to take home as soon as the event is over.

Custom layouts and branding

Custom Layout & Branding

We have a nice library of designer templates that you can choose from, or we can customize your photo layout. Leave a message, add your event date, or stamp a logo. We will work with you to create a design.

No Hassle

Unlimited Fun

Unlimited Fun

Guests can take as many photos as they like, it is all included with our rental. Encourage guests to keep coming for more, but with how fun it is, that won't be necessary. Guests can get even more with our Unlimited reprint option!


Delivery, Setup, Teardown

Photo Booth Del Sol will travel to the site of your choice, and will handle all the construction and removal of our booth.

Attendants makes sure everything is perfect

On-site Attendant

A Photo Booth Del Sol attendant will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly, and if you opt in for the scrapbook / signing book, they will craft it for you.