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Incredibly Designed, Incredibly Crafted, Incredibly Awesome.

Professional Equipment

We only use some of the best photography equipment in the business, providing studio quality images. A fast professional printer provides excellent quality photographs for all guests to take home. However, these are just simple standards for any booth. The experience for our booth users is incomparable, starting with a beautiful round booth design, which does not give you the typical box feel. The booth comfortably accommodates guests and can fit over 10 people at a time. Interactive LEDs, synchronized sound system, beautiful crisp IPS monitor provide a truly unique party experience.

Booth Elements

  • Beautiful Round Design
  • High End DSLR Camera Body and Professional Grade Lens
  • Studio Lighting
  • Fast Dye Sub Printer
  • Large, High Resolution IPS Monitor for Live View
  • Synchronized Sound System and LED Luminance
  • Social Kiosk
Large monitor is used for Live View
High end DSLR camera with excellent lens
Synchronized music to keep the party fun

So Simple

Simple interaction

It is so simple to get started with Photo Booth Del Sol. We simply provide all the equipment, delivery and setup; nothing you need to worry about. You and your guest just simply enjoy it. Also, even though we have an onsite attendant at all times, the booth itself is easy to use. Along with a large clear LED monitor provides for a simple interactive experience.

  • Enter the Booth
  • Tap the Start Button
  • Show your Best Poses
  • Leave the Booth and Pick Up your Prints
  • Share your Experience


Simple interaction

This is much more than just a simple booth that takes photos, this is a highly interactive photo booth that gets all your guests involved. With a large selection of great props and a large monitor with live view, guests can take awesome and fun pictures. Synchronized music in the background gets them in the right mood. Interactive LEDs and countdown lets everybody know when to get ready for that special moment. After all that fun, guests can pick up their beautiful photo prints, perhaps sign a guest book for you to keep and share their pictures with a social kiosk.

Custom Shades & Filters

With our unique Photo Booth system, guests can select shades and filters right on the spot. We have selected a handful of "shades" which guests can toggle around to find their perfect match, whether it's a more vintage look or a classy black and white look.

Customized Background

Our innovative Photo Booth system has the ability to utilize green screen technology which allows you to choose any backgrounds from formal to casual, from general to very creative backgrounds that will match any theme of your party.

The original green screen image with no applied backgrounds The green screen image replaced with a formal brown background The green screen image replaced with a fun colorful background The green screen image replaced with an under the sea background The original green screen image with a fire background The original green screen image with a cute mushroom background

Total Party Machine

This is much more than just a Photo Booth, this is the life of the party. The booth will create a great buzz around any event as lines will form and everybody will want to get a piece of the action. The music, lights, interaction, great photo moments and socialization will create a great experience for all users of any age.

First Class Service

Photo Booth Del Sol focuses on services, not only just the setup and assuring that everything goes well at the event, but through out the entire process from handling all of your requests and customizations. We give you the chance to have multiple passes at setting up the photo layout, add custom branding logos or monograms, coordinate color schemes and select music playlists and genres. At the event, we provide all the delivery, installation, tear down, as well as making sure everything runs smoothly.